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After spending many years in the field of teaching to IAS aspirants, I have analyzed very minutely the pros and cons of the entire system and the strategy prerequisite for this coveted examination. The civil services examination, the crème de la crème of all exams, is known as the toughest and the longest examination of the world.

Therefore it becomes very important to share my own viewpoints for the bright future of the aspiring candidates. I have observed that the kind of phobia in the mindset of students for mathematics optional. I can broadly categorize all science students specially mathematics background students who are preparing for this exam into two main categories. First category is of those students who opt mathematics as their one of the optional in this prestigious examination and the second category is of those students who do not opt this subject. I don’t have to say much about the first category of students as they are self motivate aspirants and moreover they have penchant for this subject. In fact, they are passionate and devoted for this and they can’t give ever the second thought as it seems that mathematics is in their bones.

I want to explore the mindset of the second category of students. At times it is painful to know that even the bright students in mathematics are misguided. Those students are constantly being misguided and they are brain washed do run on the track that is in fact not their cup of tea. When they opt any other irrelevant optional, either they end up with failures that happens in most of the cases or else they taste the fruit of success after insurmountable hard work.

I have few words to say for this category of students. My best of mantra for them is “unleash your potential.” Make your potential “where in you are an expert” the stepping stone not the stumbling block. Do something wherein you are the best. Mathematics is the most favorable and the highest scoring optional. You have been solving mathematics since the elementary schooling onwards. In spite of being in the field of mathematics for more than 15 years, now you are changing your path to opt any irrelevant optional and just in 6 months or one year of preparation you are appearing in IAS main exam. It means that you are indirectly challenging those competitors who are the masters of those fields.

All the best
K. Venkanna

IMS (Institute of Mathematical Sciences)

Methodology of Teaching:

  • Students can avail the methodology of teaching as per their levels and Understanding of the subject matter. In the mixed bunch of students (like B.Sc., B. Tech.) naturally their levels will vary because of their various backgrounds. Therefore the institute will provide them with quality input from the basics to Cater the need of all kind of aspirants.

Mathematics (Study Material):

  • To the point and very concise study materials will be provided to all the student enrolled in mathematics in the institute. It will be suffice for this exam and there is no need to consult any other book or any Kind of reference apart from the given material. It is very much updated and solely designed for mathematics.

Test (Both Classroom & Test Series):

  • To check the real preparations of the aspirants’, multiple and numerous tests will be conducted based on the classroom lectures. Both the tests i.e. classroom tests as well as test series will be conducted in parallel. Those candidates who will be enrolled for the classroom programme will be facilitated with numerous and unlimited tests at their disposal. Only test series candidates will get restricted number of tests.

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  • ims4maths@gmail.com

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  • https://www.ims4maths.com

  • IMS (Institute of Mathematical Science), Banda Bahadur Marg, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, India

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IMS (Institute of Mathematical Science), Banda Bahadur Marg, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, India

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  • May 28, 2020 5:21 pm local time

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    May 9, 2020 at 5:54 pm

    I am very grateful to Venkanna Sir that he mentored me. He is always been very supportive, helpful and entertain the doubts. I have surely gained much from the classes here.
    However, keeping in mind there always have been some scope of improvements, I would like to provide some of the areas where the institute can surely improve and it may help the upcoming batches too.
    1. Although Sir entertains all type of students for doubts and I understand that it surely results in delay of his timings. But sometimes it disappointed me that Sir comes half an hour late or even more than that.
    2. Many a times it happened that there was some technical faults and the classes were postponed due to that. And it also has happened that we get no information about that and had to go back home after coming to the institutes.
    3. It happened many times that the notes have not been provided on time and delayed by even weeks. Also, many a times the print quality of the notes was not satisfactory.
    4. It has also been the concern of many students that in a batch when a topic is over the same topic starts after few weeks. That way we haven’t been able to complete those left out topics on time especially dynamics/physics portion.
    Over in all I have a very positive feedback about the institute and it surely worth my money and time.
    By providing this feedback, I mean no offense to sir at all. I personally respect him a lot. I only provided these feedback so that it may help grow the institute further and may help upcoming students as well.

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    • CivilsClass
      May 9, 2020 at 11:28 pm

      Thank you for your words. These will definitely create something positive change.

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