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The most advanced education framework for Web.
You get a website with service workers which works both
online and offline. The best part it comes with inbuilt installable app.

"The Civils Class is a top notch platform which has really changed the future of online education"

Founder Doctor's Classes


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Experienced tutors and industry
registered experts


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Most successful Teachers are
chosing Civils Class


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Ever increasing community
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JEE/NEET Courses

25 Courses
Get the best of JEE/NEET coaching at Civils Class. Enroll in the best courses and learn from industry experts

IAS Courses

21 Courses
Get the best of coaching at Civils Class. Enroll in the best courses and learn from coaching experts

Our expertise

Special crafted courses
Learn from best teachers

Aerospace Engineer, IIT Bombay

Qualified Civil Services Main Exam 2019

Computer Engineer, NIT Kurukshetra

Software Engineer,Entrepreneur

Dr. Nisha
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

5 plus years of teaching experience

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Gather a string sense of community in our school community and social approaches.
  • Video Conferencing
    - Available with Civils Class education
    - K-12 and Schooling Supported
  • Online Examinations
    - Proctored quizzes
    - Online time based examination syste,
  • University and schools
    - Introductory panels
    - Special discounts for new referrals
  • Boon for Educators
    - Free Lecture delivery
    - Pay only for addon services if required
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